Healthcare Reporting

Our healthcare claims management software helps Plan Sponsors and Vendors meet Fiduciary Duties of monitoring and controlling health plan spending while remaining compliant in an increasingly complex regulatory environment.

We are committed to improving the ease of claims administration to offer better value to our clients by leveraging our Experienced Team, ERISA Counsel and In-house Software Development expertise.

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About Us

Healthcare Reporting was originally founded in 2015 to address new compliance regulations required under the Affordable Care Act. Over the years the compliance and administration burden of our clients has continued to grow and our organization has evolved to meet those needs.  Our healthcare claims processing software is developed from the collective wisdom of dozens of healthcare professionals who have worked in a myriad of different roles across the entire healthcare delivery system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Claims processing in healthcare is the intricate procedure of managing and evaluating health insurance claims involving verifying the accuracy of claims, determining healthcare coverage, calculating payments, and ensuring adherence to complex regulatory standards. With Healthcare Reporting, Plan Sponsors and Vendors can effectively manage health plan spending and stay compliant in a dynamic regulatory environment.

Submitting claims electronically offers a number of benefits, including faster processing, reduced errors, and improved efficiency in healthcare management. Healthcare Reporting offers a complete suite of services, including Self-Insured Claim Reporting and Analytics, Renal Dialysis Cost Containment, and Compliance Services like ACA and State Reporting. It streamlines electronic claims processing, empowering organizations to process claims efficiently while monitoring and controlling health plan spending and staying compliant with the ever-evolving regulatory landscape.

Employer-sponsored health insurance refers to a healthcare plan provided by employers to their employees, usually as part of an employee benefits package. It plays a vital role in ensuring that employees have access to medical coverage. Healthcare Reporting is a leading claims administration software that assists Plan Sponsors and Health Benefits Brokers in managing health plan spending while ensuring regulatory compliance.

A managed care system is a healthcare approach that focuses on efficiently managing healthcare services and costs while maintaining quality and accessibility. Healthcare Reporting is a claims management software that streamlines healthcare spending management and compliance efforts, ensuring that organizations can effectively navigate the intricacies of a managed care system while delivering value to their clients.

The timeframe for providers to submit claims to insurance can vary depending on the insurance company and the specific policy terms. However, with Healthcare Reporting claims processing software, Plan Sponsors and healthcare providers can significantly streamline the claims filing and submission process as well as manage and track claims.