Self Insured Plan Broker App

Access the financial status of your Self-Insured client plans at a glance, including budget status and aggregate reports.

Traditional claim analytics platforms are limited in their ability to provide comprehensive insights to plan sponsors and their advisors.  We take things to a new level!

Enhanced Plan Reporting On-the-Go

Competing platforms are designed to evaluate claims data and provide insights into individual claims, such as diagnosis codes, treatment codes, and the costs associated with those claims. However, they cannot provide answers to some of the most pressing questions that plan sponsors have about their self-insured plans.

For example, plan sponsors often want to know how much their plan cost overall, how they are performing versus their budget, how they will end the plan year, and what they can expect for their renewal. These are important questions that require a more comprehensive approach to plan management than traditional claim analytics platforms can provide.

That’s why our next-generation platform is fully comprehensive in our approach to managing self-insured plans. We recognize that plan sponsors need a complete view of their plan in order to make informed decisions and achieve their goals. Our platform goes beyond traditional claim analytics to provide a holistic view of plan performance, including cost analysis, budget tracking, and trend analysis.

With our platform, plan sponsors can easily track their plan performance against budget and forecast the end-of-year financials. They can also receive an estimation of their renewal, based on their current plan performance and industry trends. Our platform provides the insights plan sponsors need to make data-driven decisions and optimize their plan performance.

In conclusion, traditional claim analytics platforms are limited in their ability to provide comprehensive insights to plan sponsors. Our next-generation platform takes a comprehensive approach to plan management, providing plan sponsors with a complete view of their plan performance and the insights they need to make informed decisions.




On-demand access to plan year financial status including claims and all fixed costs, a true total cost view.



Leverage actuarial projections to measure actual plan costs versus was was expected.



By having easy access to your client’s financial status, you will never be surprised at renewal again.