BROKERS: Use this email template to send to your TPAs and PBMs

Subject:  Drug and Healthcare Cost Reporting due 12/27/2022

Hope you are doing well.  We are working with our clients to make sure they are taken care of for this new reporting that has to take place by the end of this year.

We have been learning from that the reporting requires each plan sponsor to submit 10 different files:

  • 1 x plan file
  • 8 x data files (#’s 1-8), &
  • 1 narrative file

This is going to require some coordination between PBMs/TPAs/Plan Sponsor and anyone else involved on the pharmacy side with manufactures assistance programs, etc.

So my questions for you guys …

  1. Can you confirm specifically what files of those listed above you will be submitting for clients?
  2. Can you confirm you are submitting this or will the client need to?
  3. How are you handling groups that were not with you guys for each full calendar year between 2020-2023

… sorry for all the questions, and thanks for your help!