RxDC Reporting Pricing

Plan sponsors must report for the 2023 calendar year by June 1st , 2024

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Starting at $800 per year

Fully Insured Health Plan: $800 (D1 file only)

Self Insured Health Plan: $1,600 (D1 file only)

Self Insured Health Plan: $1,999 (D1-D8 files)

*  Drug Cost Reporting requires reporting for each calendar year and pricing is for each reporting year.

**  For plan sponsors with multiple TPAs or multiple PBMs in a calendar year, additional fees will apply.

***  Discounts for clients of TPA and PBM partners available.

Service Details

  • Access to our proprietary discovery session designed to collect all necessary information required for accurate reporting
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Entering into a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) is not necessary as the reporting requirements do not necessitate identifiable medical and pharmacy claims 
  • Review of plan information, plan financials, administrative service, stop-loss premiums, employee contributions, organizational structure and other various cost items needed for accurate reporting
  • Standard pricing includes the calculation and creation of the requested RxDC data files D1-D8 pending filing selection at the time of sign up. Multiple vendor coordination with additional TPA’s and PBM’s may be necessary to complete filing and will not incur an additional fee.  
  • Submission of required reporting on behalf of plan sponsor to the CMS HIOS system is included (there is no need for the plan sponsor to create a HIOS account with CMS)
  • Submitted files and CMs submission receipts will be provided back the plan sponsor for compliance confirmation.