What is DOL Global Correction Enforcement?

The DOL audits one of your clients and finds they are not compliant and it is linked back to some operation your company provides for their plan. The DOL then audits ALL of your clients. This is known as a “Global Correction” Approach.

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Department of Labor officials have made it clear that with the passage of the CAA, enforcement of MHPAEA compliance and NQTL analysis are now at the top of their list. It is expected that every employer plan sponsor be able to produce a thorough report with supporting evidence of compliance.

MHPAEA compliance reporting to avoid DOL audit

Automate MHPAEA Compliance Reports

HealthCare Reporting helps TPAs PBMs, Networks, and Plan Sponsors avoid global correction enforcement by providing them with the tools they need to ensure that they are in compliance with the MHPAEA. Our claims management services help:

  • Identify and track mental health and substance use disorder claims
  • identify a potential MHPAEA violation
  • Ensure that these claims are processed fairly and consistently
  • Monitor compliance with MHPAEA over time

The fact is that MHPAEA is a complex law, and it might be difficult for TPAs, PBMs, Networks, and Plan Sponsors to ensure compliance without some help. Our services help ensure you meet all of the requirements of the MHPAEA and avoid costly and time-consuming investigations and sanctions.

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