Health Plan Reporting

The only platform to combine raw claims data with all plan fixed costs, stop loss contracts and client budget factors.  Robust Stop Loss Reporting . . .

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Next Generation Plan Reporting, Fully Integrating Stop Loss and all Fixed Costs

Traditional claim analytics platforms only evaluate claims and cannot answer the most pressing plan sponsor questions of:

  • How much did our plan cost overall?
  • How are we performing versus our budget?
  • How will we end this plan year?
  • What is an estimation of our renewal?  

Our next-generation platform is fully comprehensive in our approach to managing self-insured plans.

Stop Loss Integration

Regardless of how complex the reinsurance contract, we can accommodate. Our platform is optimized for run-in contracts, run-out contracts, level funding, lasers and different aggregate factors for different plans. Leverage our detailed claims download to file stop loss claims and our reimbursement tracking to know what payments are outstanding or denied.

Trigger diagnosis reporting and data exports are optimized to give you everything you need to obtain quotes at renewal.

Financial Reports

Impress your clients with budget reporting, reinsurance reporting, large claim analysis, pharmacy analysis, network analysis and much more. Consultants will also find our consolidated client package reports particularly helpful for quarterly and renewal meetings.

Leverage all data on the platform to compare in detail how costs have trended during each historical plan year.

Actuarial Reports

Renewal projections and IBNR reserve calculations will be ready, on-demand for whenever you need them. The platform uses customizable midpoint to midpoint underwriting analysis to mirror that of what the actual underwriter will use when they calculate your renewal.

Further adjust these renewal projections with estimated fixed cost renewals, adjustments for non-recurring claims and more.

Reporting Automation

No longer will you waste valuable hours taking raw financial numbers, placing this data into a spreadsheet and creating formulas in an attempt to model the financial aspects of your healthplan. Our reporting automation takes into consideration all plan costs and automates all of your reporting.

With this free time consultants find they have time to do their most valuable job – evaluate the data and build strategies.